Dear customers and collaborators,

We would like to inform you about  the new regulations approved and published in the BOE  the last October where the new requirements for the import or entry of wooden packaging in the Canary Islands are established. In the attachment you will find the published order as well as its entry into force, at the beginning of April 2019 with mandatory character: REQUISITOS FITOSANITARIOS EMBALAJE Y ESTIBAS DE MADERA EN CANARIAS
The new regulations affect the pallets shipped to the Canary Islands, as well as all those wooden packages, boxes, cages, platforms, etc. In all cases, they must be made with treated wood. Phytosanitary NIMF-15. At present a large majority of the pallets that are used already have the incorporated treatment, identifying themselves with the seal of the spike engraved on the pallets. As a photo shows:


palet 2

We want to inform that the expeditions sent to the Canary Islands once this new regulation comes into force must meet comply with these requirements.
The customs office at destination in the Canary Islands in case it detects some incorrect packaging in some cargo inspection,  can paralyze the whole container with the goods that it has inside until it is resolved, which can be the treatment of the pallet, destruction of the merchandise or return to origin, in addition to the corresponding  penalty for non-compliance with the regulations.

Your usual suppliers of pallets and packaging or storage operators, can technically detail this regulation.

Please keep this in mind and ask your suppliers to ensure that the packaging meets the stipulated standards in order to avoid delays and penalties for non-compliance.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards.