The complexity of certain sophisticated goods and products demands a service that affords the maximum security and reliability. In addition to that, INTERTRANSIT’s efficiency and its highly-qualified personnel provide clients with all the peace of mind they could wish for, in the transport and storage of their hi-tech goods. Furthermore, warehousing security is a crucial factor in this sector, and INTERTRANSIT’s sophisticated video surveillance systems and security protocols all help to uphold the company’s slogan: Your goods are our responsibility.

  • Guaranteed delivery times for the whole of Europe.
  • Just in Time supply and transport.
  • Supply chain deliveries.
  • Distribution of finished products
  • Support services: packing, internal transport link between factories
  • Video surveillance systems in all our installations
  • Highly qualified and certified personnel
  • Experience in issuing notifications of arrival to avoid returns.
Profile Hi-tech goods

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