Your goods, in the right place at the right time

Intertransit offers storage, reception and distribution services to provide you with an integrated service for your foreign trade operations.
We have our own warehouses where, as well as storing and safeguarding your goods, we can also offer a wide range of options for managing your products until they reach their final destination.

  • Stock control, online and in real time.
  • Stock control by items, boxes, palettes and other units of classification.
  • Control on a FIFO basis, according to incoming consignments, expiration and production batches.
  • Cross Docking for shipments with immediate reception and distribution throughout Spain.
  • Picking (preparation of orders).
  • Packing.
  • Different types of handling.
  • Traceability through our computer systems.
  • Special warehousing services, customs warehouses, tax services, R.A., etc.
  • Authorised DDA customs warehousing at our installations at Montornés del Vallés.

We offer a personalised service designed for the needs of each customer.