Intertransit, S.A. was founded in September 1983 by Eduard Aragonés and José Maria Santos, two professionals who had previously worked for multinational companies in the field of international transport and logistics.

In the 30 years that have passed since then, the company has worked tirelessly, guided by a clearly-defined vocation and approach to service that is aimed at meeting market needs at a time when exports to Europe and the rest of the world have increased significantly, as a result of the need for growth of the companies in our hinterland.

Ever since its inception, Intertransit’s team of professionals have always been the company’s greatest asset, efficiently supervising all the services we provide to our clients, and personalising and focusing all their actions until they are fully executed, with the support of our extensive portfolio of clients who endorse our brand and our company.

At INTERTRANSIT we have always placed great importance on the policy of investing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Information technology, the Internet and telecommunications (including an ERP system to maintain interconnectivity between all our departments and branches, web-tracking, radio-frequency, EDI system, etc.) all enable us to provide our clients with powerful tools in all areas and aspects of international transport, customs, warehousing, picking and distribution – all of which have become crucial components of the integrated logistics experience.