Dear agents and Collaborators,

Due to the current situation with COVID19, and in order to prevent the maximum expansion in our region
Intertransit has decided to take the following preventive measures following the recommendations of the official
state agencies:

1. Drivers who arrive at Intertransit to deliver/Collect goods must wear masks and gloves to
access our warehouse, at least when handling documentation that will be delivered in our
2. Pallets must have documents attached in the documentations bags in order to avoid moving
them around our offices, so the only document that the driver should give us is CMR. It is very
important to raise awareness of your customers (we will do it too from our side) so we can
minimize the risk of all our employees, not only drivers.

Hoping you agree with our prevention measures, please we appreciate if you communicate this decision to your
drivers and customers as soon as possible.

Best Regards,